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    Month ahead - March 29, 2020
    Valid from 01/04 to 28/04 2020
    Valid from 01/04 to 28/04 2020

    Issued: Sunday 29th March 2020
    Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

    A drier month for many, milder too

    Higher pressure will try to recur regularly this month, bringing a chance of drier weather, although it is likely to be rather cool. Mid-month sees an increased risk of some more mixed conditions before improvements again later.

    *1/4/20 - 7/4/20*
    Cool. Showers west, north and east. Drier to the south and west.

    *8/4/20 - 13/4/20*
    Ridge builds to south. Mostly dry, sunny spells. Risk of rain in Scotland.

    *14/4/20 - 20/4/20*
    Higher pressure builds. Dry for many. Warmer days but colder night.

    *20/4/20 - 27/4/20*
    Ridge maintains over south. Dry to south Showers to north. Cooler for all.

    *28/4/20 to 4/5/20*
    Pressure build again. Dry, sunny spells. Warmer. Risk overnight frosts.


    Simon Keeling
    Email me at [email protected]