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    Scratchbox - April 11, 2020
    Issued: 17:08hrs Friday 10th April 2020

    Simon: A mild night ahead with some patchy rain for western Scotland and western Ireland. Dry for other areas, although with some high cloud.

    Issued: 14:36hrs Friday 10th April 2020

    Simon: It's a warm afternoon for many as the latest temperature chart shows. Some rain now into western Ireland, patchy rain in western Scotland.

    Issued: 07:50hrs Friday 10th April 2020

    Simon : It's another fine and warm day ahead. Temperatures could get to 25C in southeast England. Lots of sunshine, this hazy in the north and west.

    Issued: 14:49hrs Thursday 09th April 2020

    Garry: The warmest spots in central- southern England are up to 23C this afternoon, but under cloud in the northeast it's only 8 or 9C.

    Issued: 08:39hrs Thursday 09th April 2020

    Garry: Lots of warm spring sunshine again in the southern half of the UK, hazy at times. Cloudy and cooler in the north but largely dry.

    Issued: 11:30hrs Wednesday 08th April 2020

    Simon: A warm afternoon to come over much of the country. A front bringing some rain to western Scotland this afternoon.

    Issued: 07:22hrs Wednesday 08th April 2020

    Simon: Good morning! Some rain in northwest Scotland this morning, drifting south along western Scottish coasts today. Becoming brighter in the far north later. For other areas, after a cold start, it will be another bright day with sunny spells, warm too.

    Issued: 12:18hrs Tuesday 07th April 2020

    Simon: More sunshine to come for most of the UK and Ireland this afternoon.

    Issued: 07:43hrs Tuesday 07th April 2020

    Simon: Good morning, it's a cold start with a frost in places. Plenty of sunshine too, although cloud tending to increase this afternoon.